We plan change. Even yours.

We promote innovation in processing and using steel in its wide range of applications to improve life and facilitate the work of anyone who uses, sells, designs and operates any type of construction, from buildings to large infrastructures, from oil & gas to mechanics. We are committed to spreading sustainable, safe and efficient building through continuous commitment to research and development of products, services and solutions for steel constructions, redevelopment of buildings, reduction of consumption and emissions, and diffusion of renewable energy sources.

Diversification and internationalisation, applied research and innovation drive us towards start-ups that are capable of linking technology to a vision of a sustainable future in ethical, environmental and economic terms.

There are no limits, just new goals.

The constant pursuit of quality starts from our products and our services that involve every department of every single company in the Group. It is a global and logical approach that seeks to understand and meet the needs of every type of customer, collaborator, property, all stakeholders and the public, in a context of economic, sustainable and long-term international development.

Product and process innovation, cost reduction, market enlargement and the professionalism of employees are our response to the competitive development of the global market.

The most stringent international certifications guarantee the quality of products and processes in the constant pursuit of excellence that involves management as well as employees in business management. It is a vision shared by the Group’s companies and internationally by all employees to overcome every challenge and direct the strategy towards lasting results over time.

It is not development if it does not concern everybody.

We have always maintained that profit is not the only driving force behind a business activity. For this reason, we subscribe to the essential nature of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we value diversity as a business asset and development of people’s potential in all settings. We therefore commit ourselves outside the company to learn about, update and pay due attention to instances from communities in the areas where we operate and to protect equal opportunities, maternity and paternity, encouraging the spread of welfare policies and a fair work-life balance.

Our international certifications aim to ensure the respect of our employees’ rights, to develop the skills and professional and cultural growth of all, and to ensure a healthy and sustainable work environment. We promote the integration of young people into the work world by cultivating and enhancing their skills. Constant updating and on-going training support the professional and personal growth of its employees, with the aim of creating the conditions for a cultural development that benefits from internationalisation and that, thanks to the integration of different experiences, determines a collaborative and active approach.

Relating is our primary tool.

Any activities, projects or initiatives undertaken by a company must place primary importance on the development or consolidation of relationships: relations with colleagues and stakeholders, communities and territories, customers and suppliers.

We support and actively participate in the development and promotion of art and culture through collaborations with universities, institutions and professional orders. We organise technical conferences and educational meetings in the countries where our companies operate. We promote events and support the recovery of monuments and works of art through patronage.

Our customer has always been the focal point of the Group’s strategy and is the protagonist of a virtuous relationship: through constant dialogue and exchange, it contributes to increasing knowledge, generating innovation and value for all stakeholders. Observing the work of our customers is a source of inspiration and reason for development. This is how new products and services are created.

Sustainability is in our roots.

Manni was founded over 70 years ago with the aim of giving new life to steel in order to help the people of Italy rebuild their future. This is why implementing sustainability policies is not a trend but has been part of our nature, from the start.

Rich with this experience and aware of our figures, we want to make an important contribution towards the fight against climate change and the depletion of natural resources. This is why we want our business to be guided by goals of sustainability and equity, and we never stop challenging ourselves, investing in supply chain innovation, products and services with high social and environmental performance. The goal is to create, promote and distribute, through the market, new and more sustainable, safe and efficient solutions in steel constructions, redevelopment of buildings, reduction in consumption and emissions and the use of renewable energy sources.

he implementation and promotion of the principles and practices of Green & Circular Economy, both within and outside the Group’s companies, are a daily and uncompromising commitment that comes naturally, like a habit.


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