Sourcing Policy – INTRODUCTION

Manni Group business model, leader in the international market of processing steel components and metal insulation panels for buildings and active in the renewable energy sector is strongly characterized by its supply policy. This model features the supply of pre -processing services, finishing and preparation fot the installation, as well as the transforming of raw materials into a product of lasting to add value to the company and its shareholders.
This policy reassumes the vision and the developement strategy of the group, the Code of ethics and the Sustainability Policy, making its application substantial; it takes the form of a document which is costantly updated and, through the involvement of the suppliers, makes the chiose of supplies coherent with the evolution of the business strategy.

Manni Gruop extends a unified ad transversal approach to sustainability, which involves the entire supply chain: under the policy, the company and all other businesses controlled by the group are commited to the integration of the social/environmental variable in the management of the supply chain allowing the identification, prevention and diminuition of the exiting or potential impact.

Manni group intends to consolidate its own market leadership, contributing to an increase in the demain for sustainable products and services by offering products with a high social/environmental performance.

In fact, the applicatione of the supply Policy of the Group determines:

– The traceability of the main social/environmental indicators of the products
– The coparability of the relative performances
– An efficient evaluation of the materials and the innovations of the products
– The constant updating of the development strategies of the Group

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