Beyond steel, with our long-standing values.” Developing and consolidating relations are the tools used by Manni to create and provide long-term, sustainable and responsible value.

Therefore, the launch and consolidation of strategic partnerships with projects, entrepreneurial initiatives and innovative companies in the creation of sustainable supply chains and the development of green and circular economic models are particularly important. This goal is also pursued through participation in important networks of socio-environmental nature, leading associations and initiatives for the benefit of the territories where they carry out their activities supporting cultural, social and humanitarian projects internationally.

Green Building Council

Manni Group is a member of the Green Building Council, a non-profit association that promotes the transformation of the construction market towards the design and construction of healthy, energy-efficient buildings with a low environmental impact.

The organisation promotes the LEED® certification and works to foster and accelerate the spread of a sustainable building culture by raising awareness among companies, institutions and the general public on the impact that the design and construction of buildings has on the quality of life of the people.




Founded in 2006 as the Trentino Energy and Environment Technology District and recognised by the Ministry of University and Research, it is a consortium of private members and companies that promotes and coordinates processes of innovation and the enhancement of real estate properties throughout their life span, with the aim of directing the building market towards greater efficiency and sustainability.

It is the promoter of REbuild and REbuilding Network, which Manni Group supports and also participates in the “Energiesprong Italia” initiative, a non-profit and independent development team that will work with a select group of companies to develop financial and contextual conditions to promote a system for the redevelopment of buildings with a carbon-neutral footprint, involving the various areas of the construction sector.


Science Based Targets

Manni Group is one of the world’s leading companies that signed the protocols established by the Science Based Targets initiative to increase the company’s commitment to fight climate change.

y joining the initiative, Manni Group committed to setting emission-reduction targets compatible with the science-driven decarbonisation target required to maintain global warming below 2°C, thereby optimising the competitive advantage during transition from a classic economy to a system with a low use of fossil fuels.

Science Based Targets works in partnership with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the World Resources Initiative, WWF (World Wild Fund for Nature) and the United Nations Global Compact. It also collaborates with the We Mean Business Coalition.



Living Future Europe (LFE) is a non-profit association with the mission to make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, throug h spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or disadvantage of anyone, catalysing the transformation toward communities that are socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative.

LFE will play an active role in championing the International Living Future Institute programs in Europe, focusing on educating and assisting a broader audience of interested practitioners on how to build Living Building Challenge projects and help spur demand for healthy, transparent materials and Declare and Living Products.

The Living Building Challenge is the world’s most rigorous standard for green buildings. Living Buildings strive for net-zero or net-positive energy, are free of toxic chemicals, and lower their energy footprint many times below the generic commercial structure.

The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) is a non-profit working to build an ecologically minded, restorative world for all people. Using  principles  of social  and environmental  justice, ILFI seeks to counter climate change by pushing for an urban environment free of fossil fuels.


Institutional partnerships

Manni Group brings its experience and vision into the main institutional and industrial contexts, always with the goal of providing a positive contribution to the Italian economic and social fabric and promoting sustainable business practices.

Manni Group is a member of:

  • AICS, Italian Customer Service Association
  • AIPPEG, Italian Association of Producers of Panels and Profiled Elements
  • ANIE Federazione, National Federation Electronics and Electrotechnics Companies
  • ANRA, National Association of Risk Managers and Corporate Insurance Managers
  • ASSOFERMET, National Association of companies operating in the trade, distribution and pre-processing of iron and steel products, ferrous scrap traders and ironmongery dealers
  • CONFINDUSTRIA, General confederation of Italian industry
  • GREENTECH, Research company active in development, production and sale of sustainable energy conversion, management and storage systems
  • UNICMI, National Union of Industries operating in the Metal, Envelope and Door and Window industry
  • GCCA, Global Cold Chain Association

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