“Xi’An Train Station” Contest: millenary history and technological evolution meet thanks to the Manni Group Design Award

“The Greatest responsibility of the planner and architect, I believe, is the protection and development of our habitat.”

– Walter Gropius

Manni Group announces a new challenge to the world of architecture: through the Manni Group Design Award “Xi’An Train Stationat its first edition, the company wants to reward projects able to outline the future of modern cities according to new design paradigms. An opportunity to apply the key principles of dry and offsite construction: sustainability, recyclability of materials and energy savings, combined to give birth to low environmental impact habitats.

Xi’An Train Station Contest

The first edition of the international competition organized by Manni Group, in collaboration with YAC (Young Architects Competition), focuses on the Xi’An railway station: in a China with a millenary history and extremely rapid technological evolution, the participating architects will have to design the new train station of the city of 8 million people, the nerve center of the new hub dedicated to the world of innovation and R&D, which will cover over 17 sq km of surface by 2023. The project of the International Town of Xi’An is an initiative of the central government of Beijing aimed at supporting the rise of the metropolis as an international exchange and meeting point for relations between China and Western world.

Each project must be inspired by the most widespread principles of energy sustainability and environmental compatibility. The use of virtuous technical solutions and integration of architectural and natural elements will provide projects with intrinsic added value; the choice of dry construction technologies favours the use of materials such as steel, universally recognized as a 100% recyclable element that ensures maximum expressive freedom.

To support the participating architects, the brief of the “Xi’An Train Station” competition is accompanied by a Construction Materials Option that suggests possible technological solutions for some of the structure’s design nodes.


Manni Group: steel and sustainability

The Italian Manni Group is a leader in the production of semi-finished steel products, with a know-how gained in almost 75 years of activity: over the years, services in the world of renewable energy and the production of insulation panels have been added to this business area. In addition to contributing to the achievement of credits to obtain the environmental certifications LEED and BREEAM, and to the respect of the national CAMs, they use tools that attest their transparency such as the EPD and the DECLARE label created by the ILFI (International Living Future Institute).

An international opportunity

Thanks to the support of YAC, the Manni Group Design Award “Xi’An Train Station” will involve a community of more than 4000 professionals worldwide. To judge their projects will be a remarkable jury composed of top-level archistars such as Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects), Ben Van Berkel (UNStudio), Stefano Boeri (Stefano Boeri Architetti), Antonio Cruz (Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos), Giovanni De Niederhausern (Pininfarina) and Francesco Fresa (Piuarch).

A unique chance, therefore, for the designers to show their talent and get in touch with the precious judgment of the archistars.

Manni Group partners

Manni Group firmly believes in the value of partnerships: for this reason, it gives the opportunity to companies, with which it collaborates daily in developing products and technologies, to actively participate in the contest through the awarding of prizes and mentions.

The main sponsors include Dow, which will give a mention to the projects that are of particular interest in terms of energy efficiency performance of the building; Renolit, on the other hand, will assign it to those who better value the use of cool roofs related to a smart city planning; and ROCKWOOL, finally, will assign it to projects that recognize particular value to the life cycle of the building and its safety standards. Tata Steel has also joined the contest as a sponsor.

YAC for Manni Group

For the organization of the prestigious contest Manni group is supported by YAC, a company that promotes competitions of ideas and architecture, aimed at designers, through the periodic proposal of challenging themes of architecture and urban planning.


Useful info

Manni Group Design Award Jackpot: € 25,000

Participation: individuals or teams of architects of any nationality can participate, as long as at least one member is under 35.

Submissions Deadline: 19 December 2019

Early bird Deadline: 20 October 2019

For any information or support request contact YAC at yac@yac_ltd.com.

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