Manni Group together with Isopan S.p.A. and its subsidiaries, Manni Sipre, Manni Inox, Manni Energy and Manni Green Tech have taken all of the necessary measures to comply with the obligations imposed by the authorities and the recommendations identified to contrast the current health emergency, thus ensuring continuity in the business of the company.

All of the needs of our Stakeholders have been taken into consideration.

Staff and employees: all our companies have already been committed adopting the necessary information, health and management measures envisaged by the containment and contrast procedures for the spread of the virus.

Today the Group has processed and implemented additional measures based also on the provisions of the DPCM 08/03/2020, which requires maximum effort to contain the spread of the virus, such as:

  • Mapping of workers’ duties and identification of company profiles where it was possible to extend teleworking, giving continuity to the company activities.
  • Optimization of production capacities in the Group’s various geographical areas.
  • Identification of management measures to reduce the need of travelling for all of our staff.
  • Establishment of a multidisciplinary work team dedicated to obtain the minimization of the risk of contagion, thanks to the implementation of best practices, redesign of management and organizational flows as well as a constant updating of the information provided to workers.

Customers and Suppliers: the measures taken are aimed at ensuring the same level of usual service by minimizing the repercussions caused by the health emergency. This affects the entire Supply Chain up to Logistics and Transport. To date, the Group is able to ensure the safety standards required at a national level and is constantly committed to improve its best practices in order to contain the spread of the virus.

Our social responsibility, oriented to the health of the community and to the indispensable need to give continuity to the country’s economy, pushes us to invite everyone to a strong collaboration and to comply with the rules and recommendations of the Authorities.

Verona, 8th March 2020

Enrico Frizzera

CEO and General Manager Manni Group

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