In Italy, 2.6 million adults between the ages of 25 and 64 are currently engaged in educational and training activities: this was stated in the Annual report on continuing education drawn up by ISFOL, the Institute for the Development of Vocational Training of Workers of the Ministry of Labour. According to the report, at the end of 2016, participation reached 8%, with a 1.8% increase, although Italy is still lagging behind the EU average, which stands at 10.7%.

Manni Group has also contributed to achieving this result, as it has always believed in the importance and value of its employees, who are considered essential corporate assets in every respect. To provide opportunities and create a cooperative and participatory environment, Manni Group is constantly committed to supporting the professional and personal growth of all its employees.

One of the most original projects is the corporate Theatre, founded in 2008, along with the creation of the ManNicomio theatre company. Year after year, it has involved an increasing number of employees and collaborators with performances of original comedies written for the occasion, set up and strictly interpreted by company staff. As regards training and personal development, in 2016 Manni Group inaugurated Manni Young Generation, an Academy created to enhance and support new generations of workers. Moreover, the Business Sustainability Unit has organised several meetings to share the most important sustainability principles and trends.

To improve the synergy between all employees, a new corporate intranet will soon be implemented.

Report 2016

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