• Martignago di Maser

With the Isopan panels and steel structures of Manni Sipre, the farm based near Treviso has improved its looks, safety and energy efficiency.

The Martignago farm is located at the feet of the Asolani hills, immersed in luxuriant green surroundings and Venetian Villas: we are in Maser, near Treviso, in the heart of Prosecco area.

Just a few years ago, the Martignago farm underwent major restyling and extension works: steel structures, insulating panels, corrugated sheet panels and green roofs, innovative garden-roofs, are the key features of the brand new production area. All the works were carried out at the Martignago farm with a focus on the pursuit of efficiency and sustainability, as well as an eye to aesthetics and design. The expertise, experience and materials were provided by Manni Energy, Manni Sipre and Isopan, the three subsidiaries of the Manni Group.



The redevelopment and extension of the farm near Treviso allowed for a deep aesthetic renewal of the structures, while at the same time obtaining a reduction of thermal dispersion and a general improvement of safety by using materials very responsive to fire and anti-seismic structures.

Isopan insulating panels of the Isodeck PvSteel, Isobox and IsopanSafe ranges were used for the project, while the floor and veneers were made with LG 55 and LG 40 corrugated sheet metal.



Five-rib Isodec PvSteel polyurethane sandwich panels, specifically designed for flat roofs, were used for the roofing. This is a panel with a double metal lining, an extruded flat sheet coated with a PVC film and a polyurethane or rock wool insulation available in ten colours.



Mainly used on walls, Isobox is a polyurethane panel with a micro-ribbed finish and an exposed fastening system. Available in nine colours, Isobox can be laid both horizontally and vertically, provides excellent thermal insulation and is suitable for works on prefabricated structures.



Designed by Isopan to be applied on its roofs, IsopanSafe is the range of fall-protection systems made for industrial, commercial, civil and zootechnical buildings.

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