• Tenimenti Angelini - Tre Rose

Fireproof insulating panels, corrugated sheets, steel sub-structures and major asbestos reclamation works have transformed the Sienese winery into an elegant, modern, safe and technologically advanced wine cellar.

Combining the charm of the past with the elegance of the present in a single concept building: this is how ancient stone walls blend in with new steel elements, LED lighting with wood, solar panels with the surrounding environment with a focus on design, efficiency and sustainability.

The wine cellars are among the businesses that best interpret this contamination of styles and technologies, and this is what Tre Rose Montepulciano of Tenimenti Angelini, in Val di Cava, in the province of Siena looks like now.

Since it was bought in 2011 by the owners of the famous Angelini pharmaceutical company, the facility has kept its exterior appearance typical of Tuscan country buildings generally unchanged. However, numerous alterations have been carried out on the interior to guarantee salubrity and equip the winery with the latest technologies.

The removal of the asbestos roofing was an opportunity to carry out more extensive work that saw Manni Group as the sole contact partner: from consolidating the structure with steel elements, to cladding with sandwich panels, and optimising indoor lighting with natural light.

To consolidate the building, Manni Sipre provided a steel sub-structure, made of resistant and anti-seismic material, which improved solidity and resistance in case of natural disasters.

The building was then clad with Isopan insulating panels and, in particular, with Isoparete and Isofire Wall and Roof, which are resistant and fireproof materials used for the curtain walls of the fuel storage facility. Isoparete is a polyurethane panel, characterised by a smooth finish and a concealed fastening system, particularly suitable for both industrial and commercial use. Lastly, as for the fuel storage facility, it was built using Isofire Wall, a mineral wool wall panel with a double metal coating, a micro-scored finish and an exposed fastening system, as well as Isofire Roof, a roof panel with a five-rib corrugated profile: both products ensure thermal insulation and non-combustibility.

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