2017 is, in every respect, the year of the ‘green’ shift for Italian entrepreneurs, 72% of whom have already invested in sustainable projects. This is what emerged from a study presented on the occasion of the 2017 Earth Day, which clearly shows the commitment of manufacturers in investing in sustainable policies, especially in the separate collection of waste in offices (51%), in lowering the temperature of radiators (45%), in innovative machinery (44%), in installing solar panels (37%) and in buying from certified suppliers and manufacturers (34%).

Among the virtuous entrepreneurs, the study found that 80% are women, while just 64% are men. Plus, the ‘greenest’ ones are manufacturers in Milan, followed by those in Rome, Turin and Bologna. One of the main reasons that drove managing directors to take action on sustainability was the fact of having a healthy and peaceful working environment, achieving savings in the medium- to long-term and a noticeable focus on the company’s reputation as part of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In a constantly evolving landscape, Manni Group set itself the ambitious goal of reducing its climate-altering emissions by 15% by 2021 by undertaking an inclusive programme and investing in improving the economic, social and environmental performance of the company. Manni Group’s emissions were measured by Officinae Verdi in 2016 and published in the Group’s Report. This showed that from 2010 to 2016 the manufacturing activities of its subsidiaries reported a decrease in CO2 emissions by 2,086 tonnes, with a noticeable reduction of the contribution from Manni Sipre (-37%) and Manni Inox (-28%).

The credit goes to the ‘green’ policies implemented by the Verona-based Group, which heavily invested in photovoltaic technology: indeed, from 2011 to date, Manni Group has installed eight photovoltaic systems for a total of 4.46 MW, which have reduced the Group’s CO2 emissions by almost 10,000 tonnes. Moreover, it launched R&D projects to reduce the carbon footprint of its products and for the transition towards eco-friendly mobility already in 2016. In the future, the company will try and further develop the virtuous circle of the circular economy in the steel sector.

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