Employment, responsible consumption and production, climate change, aquatic flora and fauna, peace, justice and sound institutions: these are Italy’s current missed targets according to the latest “SDG Index and Dashboards Report”, i.e. the annual global report for country performance on sustainable development goals, drawn up by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. According to the Report, Italy ranks thirtieth in the world, behind Sweden, Denmark and Finland, but also behind Belarus, Slovakia and Cuba.

Still, now more than ever, the possible future developments of Italian companies depend not only on environmental sustainability but also on sustainability in economic and social terms. Today, in addition to preserving and enhancing the environment and ensuring the protection and renewal of natural resources, sustainability is aimed at generating sustainable income and providing jobs that people can live on, as well as guaranteeing safety, health and education standards at all levels of society.

Based on principles of Ecology, Equity and Economics, for years Manni Group has been driving its companies towards sustainability, actively fighting against climate change and the depletion of natural resources. As a matter of fact, construction, steel and renewable energies are the key sectors of the Sustainability project that will enable Italy to meet the 2030 Goals.

This is why Manni Group is focusing on circular economy in the steel sector, in the construction of prefabricated elements, in the development of smart grids, but also in green mobility, while constantly placing people, workers and its own needs at the heart of its project.

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