The data from May 2017 on the world’s steel production has shown an interesting 2% increase, equal to +2,845 million tonnes over the same period of 2016. In addition, in the last 12 months, the rate of utilisation of iron and steel plants has also increased by 0.5%.

The best output performance was recorded by Brazil, with +13.2%, followed by Turkey, +9.7%, India, +6.4%, and China, which recorded a modest +1.8%. The situation is opposite for Germany, which recorded a decrease by 1.4%, for Russia, -1.5%, for South Korea, -2.7% and for Italy, – 4.1%, equal to a decrease of 90,000 tonnes. Nevertheless, in the first half of 2017, the Italian iron and steel market showed good growth figures, recording +1.5% compared to 2016.

While Italian imports of raw materials for the iron and steel sector, semi-finished products, finished products and pipes decreased by 3.5%, exports recorded an excellent 13.4%, with a boom in raw materials, which increased by 84.9%. However, the forecasts for 2017 are encouraging, as we expect a further increase in the demand for steel, with the automotive sector driving the market, followed by the construction industry.

In this still slightly unstable steel market, all eyes are on the results achieved in 2016 by Sipre, a subsidiary of Manni Group and a leader in the market of pre-processed steel elements, which contributed significantly to the Group’s aggregate turnover in 2016, also by introducing new pre-processing and customer care services. Last year, the Verona-based company closed with a turnover of Euro 247.4 million, against Euro 238.1 million in 2015, recording a gross operating margin, MOL or EBITDA, of Euro 13.7 million.

The company’s growth is supported not only by the quality of its products but also by the special attention paid to environmental and social sustainability, which has led Sipre to recycle 100% of iron and steel waste, i.e. 21,000 tonnes of material, as well as being one of the key players in the Green Module Home 4.0, one of Green & Social Housing‘s most innovative projects.

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