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Its name is Manni Young Generation and it was born in December 2016 as a place for integration and appreciation of the new generations: we spoke about it with one of the promoters of the project, Mr. Nicola Bresciani, Human Resources Manager of Manni Group.

There are currently thirteen under 30s in the Manni Young Generation, a company Academy that was set up with the aim of investing in the new generations to contribute to the Group’s growth by boosting strategic projects. Change, innovation, synergy, digitisation, sustainability and internationalisation – these are the pillars on which MYG stands, said Nicola Bresciani, Manni Group’s Chief HR Officer as well as one of the main promoters of the project.

Mr. Bresciani, what is the Manni Young Generation?

Manni Young Generation (MYG) is a company Academy seen as a place for integration, training and appreciation of young people with potential. The aim is also the development of new projects that are strategic for our Group. MYG consists of young people with diverse aptitudes and skills – technical, marketing, economics and finance, languages – who are all from the various companies of the Manni Group. There are currently 13 under 30s in various Italian offices, indeed an open group, where young people exchange ideas not only with one another but also with all the Group’s organisational structures and with partners and consultants. As of January 2018 we also plan to involve directly young people employed by foreign branches. This is indeed a new and extremely positive experience for us as well.

We expect this team to contribute to accelerating the processes for change, innovation, synergy and interculturalism to increase value for the Group as well as for all its stakeholders.

What was the drive that led to this project?

Manni Group has always invested in the future: it invest in the future of its businesses and invests in the future of the markets it is active in, as it has done in recent years by entering new geographical markets, in Russia and in Mexico, and with its commitment to the new challenges of sustainable construction. But above all, it invests in the future of its employees, who it sees as the group’s real value and asset. And it invests in young people, who are the future.

The MYG project, coordinated and supported directly by Top Management, fully embodies this vision and has found a fertile ground in these young resources, from a diversity of academic, professional and cultural backgrounds, with strong drive, curiosity and creativity, who have shown all their commitment, reliability and positivity in the projects they have been involved in.

There are three topics: product innovation, process innovation, service innovation. In October we organised an update of projects with a Value Team consisting of internal and external professionals, to share ideas, method and contents. Each team defined a certain task on common topics such as innovation, internationalisation, sustainability and development of possible Group strategies, on new or existing activities. During 2018 we will reveal more details.

How does MYG fit with the issue of Sustainability that is prominent in Manni Group’s identity, specifically in its efforts to enhance the company’s human capital?

For decades one has heard of sustainability as centred around two topics only: environment and economy. But sustainability is social as well, and this topic is very current and crucial for the Group: it means the ability to assure human well-being – health, safety, education, justice etc. If this is missing, it will be hard to achieve the other ones as well. Crucial topics today are corporate welfare, smart working, apps, internet, flexible benefits, training and information – the needs of companies and people have changed a lot. A group such as MYG may certainly contribute to spreading digital culture, to developing collaboration projects and making what one studies and learns available in a more “flowing” manner. Furthermore, the topics of innovation and digitisation are current in all sectors: even in traditional sectors the word of the day is “new old economy.” The crucial issues in this respect are training, performance management and certainly, recruiting as well: topics which the Group is very sensitive to and in which it started investing well in advance of others.

What is the bearing of new generations within the Group??

Manni Group has more than 70 years of history: over the years, the owners’ vision of anticipating or quickly adjusting to new market demands has been the real competitive advantage. Each age has its own original features and keywords: today these are innovation, digitisation, sustainability and internationalisation, which are grafted on and supported by all that has been built and established to date, and has been proved to be winning. Therefore, it is essential to find the right combination of new skills which are conspicuous in millennials and in generation Z, and technical skills, expertise, professionalism and a sense of belonging that are typical of baby boomers and generation x. According to job rotation logics, and above all with a view to the development of new projects, during 2017 we placed young people in a number of posts, especially in international departments, HR, Finance, R&D and Marketing/Sales.

Can there be a company digitisation process without the new generations? Can the older generations support this process for professional and social growth?

There can be no digitisation process without the new generations. It takes awareness, followed by communication and information, commitment and intelligence. Nowadays young people need to be stimulated, engaged, informed and the must feel they are part of a project as soon as they set foot in the company. The “reverse mentoring” catchphrase is not coincidental: young people are immediately able to provide older generations with value and skills. Just think of social networks, digital media, collaboration tools, languages and the speed in finding information and data, the ability to exchange ideas among them and with colleagues from other companies, in Italy or abroad. Young people are increasingly sensitive to sustainability issues as well.

Collaboration, interest, listening and a healthy dose of humility. These values must be shared across generations and any corporate setting, led by a clear and definite vision.

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