Verona, 11th April 2020

In compliance with the Italian Decree DPCM 10/04/2020, all Group companies have prepared and implemented plans to manage the health emergency measures such as to allow the production of orders as part of the supply chain of essential industries provided by the latest Ministerial Decree.

We wish to recall the following provisions we put in place:

  • Mapping of workers’ duties and identification of company profiles where it was possible to extend teleworking, giving continuity to the company activities.
  • Optimization of production capacities in the Group’s various geographical areas.
  • Identification of management measures to reduce the need of travelling for all of our staff.
  • Establishment of a multidisciplinary work team dedicated to obtain the minimization of the risk of contagion, thanks to the implementation of best practices, redesign of management and organizational flows as well as a constant updating of the information provided to workers.

Some Group Companies have received requests to supply as part of the supply chain for essential activities. The above provisions enable a fast response so to give a positive contribution to overcome the current crisis.

We believe it is appropriate for us to mention the important commitment between various teams across almost the entire Group that led to the design of a complete hospital module in all its structural parts, supported by our internal know-how and the ability of our Partnership with specialised Organizations. It is a project that can certainly solve many emergency and precarious situations, through a very rational, well-organized solution with specifications linked not only to a short-term project.

Manni Group had planned for 26th May 2020 its annual Open Assembly with all its Stakeholder also to celebrate its seventy-fifth anniversary of its foundation. In light of the current situation, the Board of Directors has decided to cancel the event and to donate the full amount of the Assembly expenses to the Brain Research Foundation – BRFVr, in favour of the purchase of equipment and a scholarship for the Neurology Department within the General Hospital of Verona.

Yet again, in compliance with the Italian Decree DPCM 10/04/2020, the various Group Companies are preparing the necessary logistic activities of ready to ship material and starting from 15th April these operations are expected to be carried out in cooperation with our Customers and Suppliers.

All we have described above confirms the attitude of a solid Group towards the future, innovation and social responsibility; a future where dry construction will be the leading role of the recovery.

Enrico Frizzera

CEO and General Manager of Manni Group

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