Verona, 26th march 2020

Update of our communication dated 8th March 2020 shown below.

We confirm the great commitment all of our staff has put into implementing all necessary actions planned since the beginning of the health emergency. Consistent with a continuous improvement approach, as described in the previous statement, special actions have been undertaken, allowing us to achieve the safety standards required at a national level. The Group has applied these measures to all departments, from the logistics to the production as well as to all the offices.

The Italian Group’s facilities are now subject to the immediate lock-down ordered by the Italian Government with the latest Decree. Thanks to the safety procedures we were able to implement, we can guarantee a prompt opening as part of the economic supply chain if requested by those activities qualified as essential by the Decree itself. The pharmaceutical, healthcare companies and infrastructure constructions are currently approaching us and thanks to our flexible production process we are able to guarantee those supplies strictly connected to these well-defined needs.

The Group evokes everyone to the most scrupulous respect of the recommendations given by the Authorities taking into account the national effort put into supporting the essential actions in order to combat this health crisis. As part of Manni Group’s ethical attitude we also want to guarantee our commitment to all of our Stakeholders confirming our availability to handle sudden peaks in demand. We are able to do this thanks to the vast capacity installed in Manni Sipre’s facilities, one of the largest Service Centers in Europe, with Isopan being one of the first worldwide sandwich panel producer, Manni Inox which regularly supplies the health care industry and with Manni Green Tech we can complete our support with engineering services.

From the point of view of all the Stakeholders, the Group’s financial strength can be confirmed as well as the optimization of production capacities thanks to the contribution of our international facilities, which allows us to mitigate the impact on the service level caused by the lock-down of activities on the national territory. Manni Group, through strong internal communication campaigns, training and implementation of preventive measures, constantly promotes within all of the staff the adoption of responsible behaviour for their own protection and business continuity.

We are confident that, thanks to great teamwork of all parties, we as a Nation are be able to overcome this critical moment and we will be able to witness the long-awaited recovery already in the medium term. In times of crisis there is often an acceleration in the study and application of innovations and as such the model of dry construction to which we contribute will be the leading constructive system of the future.

Enrico Frizzera

CEO and General Manager

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