On August 8, 2020 a fire occurred in the facility of Isopan RUS. This incident damaged the raw material warehouse and interrupted the normal activities. There are no injuries among our colleagues, only economic damages. Isopan RUS has collected a significant amount of orders over the last few months, so at this moment the Group is committed to speed up the full recovery of the plant in order to mitigate the shipment delays.

We want to underline the important support offered by the local authorities, a very tangible help to restart the operations as soon as possible.

Manni Group is confident to start again in a record time the production. Our Account Managers and Customer Service have been communicating with our customers during this incident and they are available to help with any consequent issues. Our commitment is to permit all our Stakeholders to deal with this accident in the most positive way, restarting shipments within a short period thanks to the skills of our technicians.

Francesco Manni
Manni Group President

Vadim Denisov
Isopan RUS Director General

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