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MADE Expo, the International Trade Show for Architecture and the Construction Industry, is back in Milan from March 13 to 16: Manni Group is present with a stand that represents the synergy between the expertise of all the companies in the Group.

The company with its headquarter in Verona has been operating in the steel industry since 1945 and today drives the international market for steel processing, insulating panels, renewable energy and energy efficiency. The Manni Group Holding comprises 14 companies operating in 3 different business areas: in addition to promoting innovation in the processing of steel for all applications, the Group develops solutions and engineering services and sustainability need of companies, users and consumers of different markets.

The Home of Steel that Manni Group presents at the 2019 edition of MADE Expo is more than just an exhibition booth, it is a pavilion in which form and content coincide: each company controlled by the Group has contributed to its realization by combining the various shapes that steel can take.

Manni Green Tech

Founded in 2017 as a start-up by Manni Group, Manni Green Tech today is a company specialized in off-site buildings and sustainable prefabrication that enables the construction of modular and scalable buildings. MGT researches and develops new technologies with light steel profiles in Cold Formed Steel (CFS), characterized by lightness, ease of assembly and modularity of the structures; features that allow pre-assembly in the factory and the design of customized solutions.

The central white painted structure visible in the Home of Steel is in fact made of CFS, which embodies the building construction of MGT.

Manni Sipre

For over 57 years Manni Sipre has been a point of reference in the European market for semi-finished steel products, providing the most advanced technologies used in its Service Centers to companies operating in different fields: from mechanical constructions to heavy carpentry, from oil & gas plants to offshore plants, up to both light and heavy plant engineering.

With Manni Inox it is part of the Steel Business Unit of Manni Group.

For the Home of Steel, Manni Sipre has contributed to the portal frames made of rectangular hot rolled steel (RHS), the design of the frames is inspired by the MGT Domaine du Château project in Luxembourg. Despite the heavy element that composes it, the structure is visually lightened thanks both to its shape and white painting.


Isopan is a world leader in the production of insulating metal panels for roofs and walls intended for construction in the commercial, industrial, civil, agricultural and cold chain sectors at international level. Isopan has always been committed to the innovation of construction products and services, with a particular focus on improving the performance of buildings in terms of safety, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Its products contribute to achieving of prerequisites and credits needed for LEED and BREEAM certifications, the international standards that measure the efficiency and sustainability of buildings.

Isopan operates in Italy through 2 production plants and in the world with its foreign subsidiaries.

Three of the company’s top products are on display at the Home of Steel: Arkwall ventilated façade system; m 2×2 of extensive Green Roof that houses the Velux flat roof window ISOSKY; the Isopiano panel, white painted, represented in the central tower of the stand.

Manni Energy

Manni Energy represents the Group’s commitment to clean energy, supporting companies throughout the entire energy efficiency process, from analysis to design and performance monitoring.

In 2016, through its dedicated Operations & Maintenance structure, Manni Energy worked with over 200 customers for the overall production of 80,000 kW from photovoltaic, 2,200 kW from biogas and 2,200 kW of mini wind power.

In 2018 it signed the first 10-year PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) in Italy with Canadian Solar Inc. and Trailstone. In the Home of Steel a video shows this achievement: in partnership with the Canadian photovoltaic company, in fact, Manni Energy has started the construction of an unsubsidized 17.6 MWp solar portfolio in Sicily, which will be completed by June 2019. Composed of five public utility plants, it will produce energy equal to the annual consumption of 12,000 households in Italy and the impact on the local environment will be minimal.

The Manni Group booth is in the HALL 06 – F01 G06 of Milan Fairgrounds, Rho.

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