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Manni Group's partner of the Home of Steel

Innovative technological and design solutions for insulation and energy efficiency are exposed in the Home of Steel, the Manni Group booth created for MADE Expo 2019 and designed in partnership with main players in construction sector.

Manni Group, historic company active in the steel processing industry since 1945, is now an international leader also in the development of engineering services, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability solutions of private, commercial and industrial buildings.

In order to answer market requests, the Group develops innovative systems in synergy with the main players in the sector: in the Home of Steel of MADE Expo 2019, the exhibition booth that combines the different shapes that steel can take, 4 solutions developed by combining Manni Group expertise and the know-how of the partner companies.

Isopan and INPEK

Isopan is the subsidiary of Manni Group specialized in the production of insulating sandwhich panels for roofs and walls intended for commercial, industrial and cold chain sectors. In partnership with INPEK, Isopan has designed Arkwall, the ventilated facade system that combines the thermal insulation qualities of sandwich panels with the aesthetic value of architectural facade panels: the variety of materials and colours available allows the designer to express all his creativity in the building’s project.

Arkwall is made up of a series of layers mechanically constrained to the external walls of the building by metal supports, and it guarantees both insulation and ventilation, two fundamental aspects concerning the comfort of living.

INPEK, South Tyrolean company, has been recognized in Italy and internationally for over 18 years as one of the most important companies in the distribution, research and marketing of architectural panels for ventilated facades and exterior cladding. It was one of the first companies to introduce HPL facade panels in the Italian market: the knowledge of materials and the know-how gained in almost two decades of activity allows us to offer users cutting-edge technical, design and architectural solutions respecting the environment.

Isopan and Velux

The synergy with the Danish Velux, founded in 1941 and now a world leader in the sector of skylights, has allowed us to design ISOSKY: a window applicable to all Isopan flat roof solutions.
At the entrance of the Home of Steel there is an example of an extensive green roof that houses ISOSKY: the perfect combination of Isopan sandwich panel and Velux window facilitates its on-site installation and ensures the absence of thermal dispersion and water infiltration, exploiting the maximum natural light in the indoor spaces.

Isopan and Daku

The advantages offered by a Green Roof are many: thermo-acoustic insulation, reduction of heat loss, water retention, bioclimatic improvement, protection of the building roof, increase in the usable green area.

Isopan’s Green Roof solution, developed in collaboration with DAKU Italia, is an integration of the green roof system on a flat roof made with a PVSteel sandwich panel. Depending on the design features and the needs of the client, two solutions are possible: intensive and extensive Green Roof.

The extensive Green Roof is indicated to cover large buildings and it hosts very resistant colonizing vegetation (mosses, grasses and succulents) that needs the minimum maintenance. On the other side, intensive Green Roof is like a traditional garden: in fact it is possible to grow all kinds of plants, from lawns to shrubs and vegetables. In this case it is necessary to provide for moderate maintenance with regular watering.

The plant material to be installed on the insulating panels for green roofs is supplied by the partner Daku Italia: the Venetian company, which in the last 25 years has built over 1,200,000 square meters of green roofs. In 2003 he obtained from Daku Germany the patent for the production of the materials of his roof garden systems and today it is one of the main developers and producers of green roofs nationally.

The Green Roof solution has also obtained the DECLARE label from the International Future Living Institute. First company in Italy to achieve this goal, Isopan once again places itself at the forefront in terms of sustainability and circular economy.

Manni Green Tech and AD House

Manni Green Tech technology is shown in House Design Project’s structure, the Manni Group company that researches and develops new technologies to construct real estate, industrial and commercial units in prefabricated anti-seismic and sustainable in cold formed steel (CFS). Manni Green Tech know-how is the result of an extensive research through the best market analysis and ensures the most advanced and reliable steel structure for each House Design Project.

The supporting structure of the Manni Group booth is made in CFS, painted in white to enhance the visual lightening effect.

House Design Project is a project born from the partnership with AD Dal Pozzo, historic brand of interior and Italian living design. In addition to being a reseller of the most important brands in the international furniture scene, AD Dal Pozzo is also a designer, consultant and partner in prestigious residential, commercial and hotel projects: from this extensive experience the idea of House Design Project came to life to become the structured reality that is today.


The Manni Group booth is in the HALL 06 – BOOTH F01 G06 of Milan Fairgrounds, Rho.

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