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Verona, 26 April 2016. Gruppo Manni is an international business and it has therefore decided to give itself a new visual identity that adequately reflects its unique features and the values shared by all the companies that are part of it.

After having celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2015, it is now time to move on and focus on the goals that lie ahead. The company has gradually grown to become an international Holding which, today, feels the need to introduce itself to a significantly wider, diversified and evolved audience, for which an ongoing and stable long-standing industrial and family tradition go hand in hand with indispensable reliability and assurance.

In order to express these values in the best possible way, it has chosen a strong, consistent and recognisable image in Italy and abroad.

Gruppo Manni becomes Manni Group.

Logo Manni Group

The company’s new logo depicts the Palazzetto, the symbolic headquarters in Verona, and divides it into triangles. This, in fact, is the basic shape of the architecture of these buildings and the key visual element of the new brand image. The triangles form a net, which symbolises protection, safety and sustainability.

It is therefore a brand new look for the company, which, however, still bears the values that it has always cared about: attention to relationships, respect for the environment, innovation and a future-oriented approach, which are sum up in the pay-off Building Future.

All the Group’s companies share the features of the new brand image, whereas the colour is the distinguishing element of each business unit, allowing each one of them to communicate autonomously.





These new aesthetics portray a unified image, strengthening the perception of its identity and the interconnection between the various companies, which strive to achieve a common goal: to extend sustainable, safe and efficient building through continuous commitment to research and development of products, services and solutions for steel constructions, redevelopment of buildings, reduction of consumption and emissions, and diffusion of renewable energy sources.


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