The strategic plan also includes already launched Green & Social Housing projects for the construction of sustainable, nearly zero-energy buildings in partnership with Officinæ Verdi Group

January 16, 2017. A 15% reduction of direct CO2 emissions by 2021, innovation and strategic partnerships to reduce the environmental impact of the industry, and nearly zero-energy construction. These are the key goals that Manni Group, a leader in the global market for the manufacturing of steel components and metal insulating panels for buildings and active in the renewable energy sector, has set for itself to achieve a sustainable development of its business, with a view to promoting the green and circular economy, effectively contributing to the involvement of the construction sector in this process of change.

The basic principles of Manni Group’s commitment in the field of social and environmental sustainability are defined in the Sustainability Policy, the official document in which the Holding based in Verona illustrates the guidelines to create value throughout the industry, following an inclusive and multi-sectoral approach, to continually enhance its social and environmental role, to stand out in terms of innovation and quality by exploring new niches in mature markets and to launch unique products on new markets, to develop a dialogue with stakeholders and ensure the equitable and sustainable development of individuals and of territories.

«Manni Group ambitiously aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by 2021 – state Giuseppe Manni and Enrico Frizzera, respectively the President and the CEO of Manni Group. In line with the environmental commitments pursued by the Group, we intend to focus on this goal and take on the measures that will be implemented to achieve it, so that we can actively contribute to fight climate change and maintain global warming below 2°C: the challenge of our time».

The strategy for reducing the environmental impact, developed in partnership with OVaerdi Group, Joint Venture of Unicredit and WWF, will be verified through smart metering and control systems to ensure the monitoring of the results obtained, and supported by practical initiatives involving the entire industry, such as the Green&Social Housing Project, created by JV with OV Group | Green Capital Alliance.

As one of the cutting-edge innovations of 2017, this industrial project is based on highly scalable modular technology (structure, self-produced energy, measurement, re-use of waste materials) that allows the development of any kind of building: from green social housing to ultra performing buildings. Based on a nearly zero-energy building model that is already popular in the Nordic countries, the project generates a long-term energy performance (30 years), rapid implementation (about 1-2 weeks) and 30% lower costs compared to those of the traditional housing market. These housings, which are now being developed, will feature a building envelope made of steel and natural materials, with the use of high-performance insulation panels, low-emissivity windows, energy production systems from renewable sources for domestic consumption, an energy accumulation system, a platform for monitoring and controlling energy consumption, and energy efficient LED lighting. The use of these buildings can have significant social implications for people affected by catastrophic events or in terms of social housing. More information coming soon on

«The business areas we work in – says Giuseppe Manni, President of Manni Group – give us the opportunity to make an important contribution to the environmental challenge in terms of innovation and sustainability: steel is entirely recyclable and can be reused countless times without losing its properties. Moreover, the energy produced from renewable sources is a strategic area for any policy aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our commitment in this sense, having adopted our own Sustainability Policy, is to increase our leadership on the basis of the principles of circular economy and to pursue a strategy aimed at creating value throughout the industry, thus helping to reduce the environmental and social impacts not only of the Group but also of the system in general».

In fact, the Sustainability Policy anticipates another future effort of Manni Group, which will soon define an advanced Sourcing Policy that, through dialogue with stakeholders, can contribute to reducing the impacts of the entire industry and further strengthen the Group’s commitment to creating value through strategic partnerships in order to adopt increasingly advanced solutions.

Manni Group

Active in the steel industry since 1945, Manni Group, with 12 operating companies and 23 production, service and distribution centres worldwide, is now a leader in the international market in the manufacturing of steel components, metal insulating panels for buildings, renewable energies and energy efficiency. With a business involving 10,000 customers from 60 different countries, in 2015 it achieved a €500 million turnover thanks to continuous investments in Research and Development, a constant commitment to achieve top levels of quality and service, and the ability to combine technology and sustainability.

The consistency of this industrial vision was proven in 2016 by joining Officinæ Verdi Group – a leading company in the Green Economy created from the joint venture between UniCredit and WWF to plan investments in sustainable finance and develop green projects – and by the founding with OV Group of Green Capital Alliance® – Benefit Corporation, an innovation accelerator in the green and circular economy. With Officinæ Verdi Group, Manni Group has launched a Business Sustainability process with the aim to reduce its impacts and – in perspective – the impacts of the system, and to adopt innovative and efficient technology in order to develop products and services geared towards a green and circular economy, in accordance with safety, quality and sustainability criteria.

Green Capital Alliance Benefit Corporation

Together with Officinæ Verdi Group, Manni Group is the founder of Green Capital Alliance, a benefit corporation focusing on innovation in the green and circular economy, with the aim to promote and accelerate the market launch of ready-to-market innovations in strategic economic sectors and, in the long run, to promote the transition from the current development model to a green and circular economy (upcycle and reuse).


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