Letter from the Chairman

The Report you are reading includes an entire section dedicated to the Sustainability of Manni Group, based on the data collected in 2017. We are convinced that the growth of our Group over its 70 years of history is supported by a vision that is not only based on profit, but also on sustainable development from an ethical, environmental and economic standpoint, created for all stakeholders of the Group.

It is no exaggeration to say that the difficult years from 2008 until present, resulting from general economic crisis and more specifically the crisis in our sector, have forged our way of existence with a new ability to react. Therefore, today our Group is cohesive, strongly motivated to grow, convinced of its own resources and confident of the best contribution of its employees. Evolution in technical and commercial areas towards complex production and broader markets has shown us the right direction for the future, which we can pursue thanks to the significant investments being made in digital technology, marketing, internationalization and research.

The path has been mapped out, our tools are adequate and our staff, already responsible for the results achieved, will guarantee those expected in the future. The business areas we operate in give us the possibility to make an important contribution to sustainability challenges: steel, which Manni Group has always been synonymous with, is not only one of the most resistant materials, but it is also completely recyclable, resilient and ductile, just like an international business must be today in order to combine growth, innovation and responsibility. Moreover, renewable energy is a strategic area for all policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

By adopting our Sustainability Policy, we wanted to define a concrete goal: to reduce our energy consumption and cut C02 emissions by 15% from 2016 to 2021, thanks to a major energy efficiency plan. In addition, starting in 2017, we decided to use energy from renewable sources, reducing overall emissions by more than 31%. To succeed in this challenge, we have adopted the best practices based on solid scientific evidence, with the aim of fueling our leadership inspired by the principles of the circular economy, pursuing a strategy aimed at reducing the social and environmental impacts of both the Group and the system. This Report illustrates a future vision already integrated in our governance and enhances the results obtained thus far by including them in a strategic framework of shared values that guide the work of the Board of Directors and management.

The preparation of the Sustainability Report will become a regular event in our relationship and, for this reason, we invite you to actively share with us any observations, reflections or questions you may have. We could not conclude this letter without extending our deep and sincere thanks to all employees, near and far, who have made these results possible. Likewise, we would like to express our gratitude to all other stakeholders, with which we intend to build a sustainable future.

Thank you,
Giuseppe Manni, Chairman of Manni Group


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