IsoCindu is a Company that belongs to ISOPAN who is a world leader in insulated metal panels and CINDU dedicated to design, manufacture and marketing of corrugated Steel sheets for roof system.

ISOPAN and CINDU promote the sustainable construction, offering innovative solutions, doing use of safer and more efficient materiales.

Many markets, one Brand

IsoCindu is born from the union and agreement of two big groups of Companies as they are ISOPAN from Italian origin and belonging to MANNY GROUP and CINDU from Venezuelan origin.

The Isopan Group with more than forty years in market has its headquarters in Verona, Italy and controls seven productive companies in the world.

It is present in Italy with two productive companies in Frosinone and in Verona. In the world with Isopan Iberica in Tarragona (Spain), Isopan East to Bucarest (Romania). Isopan Deutshcland in Plötz (Halle, Germany) Isopan Rus Volzhskij (Volgogrado, Russia) and IsoCindu in Silao (Guanajuato, Mexico), It also has two commercial offices in France (Merignac) and Czech Republic (Prague). The international division of business, develop specific solutions for the requirements of different countries where Isopan is distributed.

Cindu, is Latin American Company from Venezuelan origin dedicated to the design, manufacturer and marketing of corrugated Steel sheets for roof system, prefabricated waterproofs with their respective additives, and paints for interiors and exteriors with more than sixty years of experience in market, it has marketing offices and warehouses in Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, USA, El Salvador, as well as a manufacturer plant in Venezuela

IsoCindu is committed to improve the construction industry, offering solutions that combine functionality from materials, sustainability in processes security of those who inhabit the facilities and energy efficency, from the projects where is present, either in a new construction or remodeling.

The strong presence in market  and a consolidated network, of commercial representatives allow us to supply the most important markets in the world.

Our panels help to obtain useful credits on LEED certification and standard to sustainability certification

We colaborate with the main associations of the sector, Universities and Research centers to develop innovative solutions capable to give more value to constructions and projects of our customers.


Our job is to make available to the construction market an efficient and excellent service from the environmental, social and economic point of view.

We are not just a panel supplier for industry construction, but a partner capable to offer vanguardist solutions, to grow together with our customers. To achieve this objectives, commitment and passion of our employees and collaborators are fundamental, as well as the deal with our customers, searching to build solid and durable relationships.


More value for your Project
IsoCindu cares about your projects and help to achieve them from the idea to the final Project.

We promote a more sustainable construction, offering solutions, reducing the consumption and waste of energy and resources.

We look for quality of your Project through the use of reliable materials in full compliance with international standards.

The IsoCindu products guarantee more efficiency, innovation and security, have a perfect thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings, strength, air tightness and absorption of sound contributing to fire resistance, avoiding fires and limiting its propogation.

Propose the best choice to our customer is our priority and of our collaborators, being highly specialized and constantly trained technicians.

IsoCindu knows the deepness of the market, the used materials and it keeps up to date about the main trends and regulation of reference, combining the aesthetic with functionality.

The Isopan numbers

40 Years of experience

6 Companies

450 Employees in the world

4,000 Customers per year

200 Million of Euros of manufacturing


The Cindu numbers

61 Years of experience

7 Countries with presence in American continent

36 Countries where their product are distributed