Manni Group is an industrial business in Verona with over 70 years of history that promotes innovation in processing and in using steel in its wide range of applications.

The Manni Group holding company comprises operating companies active in 3 business areas, working on the production, processing and marketing of high-tech products and advanced design services.


With over 50 years of history, it is the market leader for structural pre-processed steel elements.

A reference point for stainless steel users, it offers a full range of products and a range of quality surface finishes.


It has been active for over 40 years and is the leader in the production of metal insulating panels for walls and roofs in the main international markets.


It is a company devoted to renewable source engineering, O&M services and energy efficiency.

The company Manni Green Tech is the result of extensive research carried out over time on the basis of the best market studies, aimed at the construction of anti-seismic buildings using ultralight steel profiles, ensuring the utmost environmental and economic sustainability.

“In that period of my childhood, one of my favourite toys was Meccano, which I spent many afternoons creating complex constructions with… However, I would have never imagined that this way of assembling prefabricated metal elements could be applied in the real world of construction.”

Giuseppe Manni, aken from the book “I Manni, l’acciaio e Verona” (Manni, steel and Verona)

The Group’s head office. Where spirit takes shape

The site of the head office that hosts the Group’s management offices is a building that sums up Manni’s vision in its shape and choice of materials. Designed in 1982 by Architect Luciano Cenna, it is the first building in the world made of a sloped steel and glass structure with prefabricated beams. The final effect is that of a structure suspended in the sky, which seems to defy the laws of physics.
The building so aptly represents the entrepreneurial spirit and the idea of beauty and innovation within the Group that it has become an inspiration for the entire coordinated image of Manni, starting with its logo and that of its subsidiaries.


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