Manni Inox opened in Verona in 2008. The intention has been, from the outset, to create a company able to completely satisfy the needs of stainless steel users, offering a complete range of products and a series of quality surface machining in order to ensure maximum flexibility of services and utmost attention to the needs of each customer.

On-going development is achieved through the constant improvement of production processes, paying particular attention to the quantity of the material. The vast range of materials together with the efficiency of the service, and thanks to the twenty years of experience of a management team that is supported by a highly qualified staff, make Manni Inox an important reference point for all Italian and European end users.

The Verona Manni Inox  works in the following sectors: food in the broadest sense (i.e. with the manufacturers of bread ovens and meat-smoking ovens, of machines for the processing of meat and food products in general, of tanks for wine, water, fruit juices and flours), furnishings (interior and exterior), tanning, and the chemical and petrochemical industries.

The warehouse has a wide range of stainless steel products of different qualities (AISI 304-316-430-310) and different sizes: coils; flattened sheets in commercial formats; round, square and rectangular welded tubes; round and drawn bars, drawn and rolled flat bars, rolled angle bars.

From mid-2014, in addition to the cold-rolled flatteners (thicknesses 0.4 – 3mm), two other flatteners have been introduced: a cold-rolled coil flattener, that flattens thicknesses between 1.5 and 6 mm and heights up to 2,000 mm, and hot-rolled coil flattener able to flatten thicknesses between 6 and 15 mm, heights of up to 2,000 mm and lengths of up to 12 metres. Upon request, once flattened the sheets can be worked on the surface. The proposed surface treatments are: scotch brite, satin finishing, duplo, mirror polishing and embossing.